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About Us

Our Philosophy:

     Los Gatos Academy Preschool is an academic-developmental school.  We have a hands-on developmental approach when it comes to teaching and helping children develop.  We incorporate Montessori, Piaget and our own background and experience to help your child develop independence, responsibility, sociability and language skills as well as fine and gross motor development, awareness and self-esteem.

     We view children as total beings.  Our program strives to provide your child the experiences and tools necessary to become a confident individual.  We emphasize this learning process on the development of the whole person through the needs of your individual child.


     Our supportive environment gives each student the basics to learn individually and as a whole group.

We offer a low student to teacher ratio which allows us to emphasize the importance of giving each child individual one on one work time.  Work time generally consists of manual skill building, shapes, colors, numbers, letters, phonics and pre-reading.

     Our school has many different activity centers which include the block center, art center, hands-on center, playhouse, library, and a science center.  Each classroom has its own assigned teacher(s) that rotates the class through the different centers.


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With our low Teacher:Student ratio at LGAP we all strive to create the best learning and development environment we can for your children. 

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