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Our Mission:

Our Mission is to nurture your child in achieving their own individual potential as a well-rounded, secure, confident person with a strong motivation to learn and a strong sense of self as they enter school.

Our teachers develop individualized teaching strategies devised to match your child's own learning style. This promotes growth in all areas of development.

Daily School Schedule:

8:00-8:30AM: Early Care
8:30-9:15AM: Children's free choice play 
9:15-9:45AM: Circle time
9:45-10:00AM: Morning snack 
10:00-11:45AM: Outdoor recess/Indoor rotation
11:45-12:30AM: Lunch time 
12:30PM: Half Day Pick Up
12:45-1:00PM: Story time
1:00-2:30PM: Quiet rest/nap time

2:30-2:45PM: Afternoon snack
2:45-3:30PM: Small group activities/ Departure
3:30-5:30PM: Extended Care

Class Roster:​

  • Shareef

  • Sean

  • Clara

  • Altan

  • Riya

  • James

  • Connor

  • Jackson

  • Rileen

  • Kayleigh

  • Milo

  • Francis

  • Tyler

Miss Fairy's Little Explorers Class



In our youngest combo class, we work on developing social skills that will be needed throughout their school career such as some of the children's first interactions with other children outside of their families, becoming accustomed to being away from family throughout the day, and speaking up for their needs.


Our class consists of a morning circle time, play time with their classmates, art projects focused around the theme, shape, color, and number focus of the week. 

For our 3 year old's we begin teaching basics that they will need to know in Jr. K, for example the correct way to hold a pencil or crayon, how to safely use scissors, and the beginnings of learning to write by tracing. 

Miss Kyah's Junior - Kindergarten Class

In our Jr. K class (3 ¹/² - 5 years old), we continue to offer a play based program that prepares students for kindergarten in a developmentally appropriate and fun way! 

We are comprised of all of the elements listed in the 3 year old class as well as implementing more handwriting development through age-appropriate Learning Without Tears workbooks. Children begin learning to arrange words with the letters they have learned as well as start to write letters and words without tracing them. Phonics are introduced as the children begin the learning steps to reading. Our class consists of a daily learning circle where we read a book together as a class, go over our daily calendar, as well as a weekly letter focus and daily projects and workbook practice. 

Class Roster:
  • Mackenzie

  • Andrés

  • Barcot

  • Lily

  • Elena

  • Nema

  • Cameron

  • Ash

  • Alexia

  • Lena

  • Sahir

  • Sofia

  • Gio

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